Word vomit & a life changer

I couldn’t tell you how fast I scroll past all the cliche posts I see every morning about how grateful he, he and she is for being <em>blessed with another day</em>. How thankful they are that God woke up them up. Maybe I’ve never been that deep into my religious upbringing but it gets suffocating seeing the same people post the same thing every morning. We get it, you’re happy you’re awake, you’re thankful that you have what you have.

It took seeing my life flash before my very eyes to consider posting something like that this morning. As I’m typing this, I am in disbelief that I’m even alive to be typing this. Yesterday while driving to a casual BP dinner, we literally. almost. died. I know what you’re thinking, “Jamie, stop exaggerating.” HELL FREAKING NO. I was driving through an intersection when a car chose the worst time to creep his left turn aka he decided to turn right when I was crossing the intersection. Not too early, not too late. Almost looked like his plan was to T-bone me. My initial thoughts were “I’m not gonna make this” but in that same split second I thought to myself “There’s still a chance you won’t.” Honestly……………….. I have no freaking idea where the car in the right lane went but somehow the lane freed up and I made the craziest curve right around his car. That’s fate if you ask me. My heart dropped. I was speechless. I thought I was dead.

I looked over at Tyrone and he was silent. Just like me, he had no clue what to think or what to say. He, too, thought we hit and pretty much thought we were dead. In his POV, he didn’t see the initial creeping of the other car. He clocked in at the climax, which probably made it 10x worse for him. He only looked up as I swerved around. He made eye contact with the driver who knew he was screwed and he saw the black smoke from the tire as we drove away.

I cannot tell you enough HOW CLOSE this accident was. I could smell the burning of my tires after I skidded around him. For about an hour or two after, we were silent for the most part– still shook. Every time I heard a car honk the moment replayed in my head. It was like shell shock. <i>(Written August 21st. “Yesterday” = Last Thursday night)</i>

It’s crazy how you can have it all one moment and lose it all the next. It was a reminder that nothing is guaranteed. We were just discussing how proud we were to see our hustle as a team finally pay off. As scary as that moment was, I’m trying to see it as a blessing. I don’t think there could have been a better way to make me snap out of living so mediocre. Just like all the cliche posts I see, I am going to put in the real effort to live every day like it’s my last, to never wait for “later”. Everything is about now.

How often do we take advantage of how much time we have? We drive around so often with no accidents that we start multi tasking while driving. Everyone needs to get out of the nothing-can-go-wrong mindset because the reality is, you could lose it all in a split second. Don’t wait for something you shake you to change. Appreciate every single day and appreciate everyone you have around you.

I’m sorry if this blog is all over the place but so is my head.

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