Will 2016 be a game-changer?

Ring, ring, ring! It’s 2016 and a blog is finally up!

We’re a few days short of saying we’re a month in, but let’s round it up for the blog’s sake. The New Year is said to come with fresh goals, a whole lot of motivation, and yup, you guessed it, snip snip, a lot of your friends got “left behind in 2015”. Is the cliché over? Let’s be real without being negative Nancy but the ball dropping at 23:59:59 on New Year’s Eve felt the same as every March 31<sup>st</sup> at 23:59:59, a joke.

Why does it take the calendar page to flip 12 times before we decide we need to change? What’s so special about January 1<sup>st</sup>? And why does everyone always want to change? It ain’t always a switch up ting. We’re so caught up in changing and starting new goals that we often leave things unfinished. Why don’t we try something new this year, take everything up 10 notches. Let’s go to the gym more, eat healthier, and really try to stop texting and driving. Let’s make it a goal to continue 2015’s positivity. Love yourself (sorry, still stuck on the Bieber-wagon). But seriously, love yourself for who you are today. Build yourself. Motivate yourself tonight and make the change tomorrow or even right now! I’ve said it before, today is the tomorrow you promised yourself yesterday. Build you for you. Don’t change your perspective based on an outsider’s opinion. Hear them out, yes, but always reflect back and see if it’s something you truly want to better in yourself. We often sell ourselves short based on what we think we deserve. It might even feel like we aren’t supposed to be happy sometimes. Maybe you hurt someone in the past and now it feels like your bad karma is just an endless cycle of depressing events. Snap out of it! See everything for what it’s worth. Value your happiness more than anything. Build off of it. Let your happiness be the motivation to do something good for yourself or someone you love. Run with it!

Short &amp; sweet but I wanted to welcome the New Year on a motivational note. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re young and ready to conquer. Be a dreamer and a goal getter. Don’t depend on a calendar to mark when your fresh start really commences.

This year, UPSO plans on making huge moves, bigger than we ever even thought in 2015. Sorry for moving like real G’s in silence like lasagna lately but we promise, you will be seeing a lot from us this year.

So… Thank you, come again!

PS: To everyone that rocks our gear from whether it’s Priorities or Husky or our boy Marley (woah, way back play back), you guys are soo dope and we are loving it!! Don’t forget to tag us in all your UPSO pics for a feature!

On that note, middle finger up and the index finger follows.

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