Why it’s okay to dream

If I closed my eyes right now and told myself there was snow outside, I’d probably believe it. Same with if I told myself there was a juicy lobster in front of me, I’d probably start smelling it.

If you’ve read our “<a href=”http://www.upliftedsociety.com/tyrone-brookes-using-murphys-law/” target=”_blank”>Tyrone Brookes using Murphy’s Law</a>” blog, then you probably already know that I am a firm believer of “what can happen, will happen” aka good or bad karma. But in the same breath, I can relate to its opposite. Has anyone read/watched “The Secret”? It basically explains the power of thought; sort of like mind over matter. If you believe something hard and long enough, it has a greater chance in happening. It’s energy and vibes. Like when I’m parking at Square One on a Saturday afternoon (everyone knows you’ll be spending at least 10 minutes looking for a spot). I pick a random isle and tell myself that I will find a spot in this one and most times I do (I know it’s really luck but for the sake of this example, let me be!). To myself, I put that empty spot there, I look at the car pulling out right as I am going to pull in to be fate lol.

So back to my first example. If I closed my eyes and said it was the snowiest of days out there, I’d probably get chills up my arms at the thought of winter. This is because I’ve learned to trust myself over anything and everyone else. I’ve learned that if I really really REALLY want something to happen, I can to make it happen. Now, I know I can’t get mother nature to drop a snowstorm on us (not like anyone in their right mind ever would), but if I told myself I was going to graduate college with honors, you better bet I will. I am going to put all my energy, time and focus on making sure I don’t graduate with anything less than an 80% average.

The UPSO team puts all our energy, time, and focus on being the biggest brand you’ve ever seen sprout out of Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, Canada, North America, and international. We have already told ourselves years ago where we are going to have Uplifted Society Inc. take us as individually but more importantly, where we want to see ourselves together in 5, 10, 20 years from now. How many stores do we want to have open? Where do we want to live? How many more years until we’re on Fairfax?

While you are all hype over our releases that we’ve already hyped ourselves over months ago, we’re already hyping over the anticipation of what’s dropping for UPSO this winter, next spring and 365 days from now. It really is mind over matter, except we aren’t closing our eyes and hoping for success. We’re grinding, every damn day, to make sure we get where we want to be. Correction, where we KNOW we’ll be.

You have to get over the fact that you will never have 100% support from everyone (unless you’re really lucky). Being the greatest comes with haters and doubters and all that. Michael Jordan didn’t even make his high school team for goodness sake! So I’m asking you all now to close your eyes and really imagine yourself in a few years from now. Where do you really want to be? Pretend school is over and take your part-time pocket change job out of your head. You are going to be a better version of you. Never stop trying to find who you really are and never stop following you dreams.

<strong>We need more dreamers in this world. We’re overpopulated with these 9-5 robots. </strong>


<em>Sidenote: </em>I’m sorry to anyone who’s been following our blog and noticed I haven’t been posting as often. I’ve been incredibly busy and UPSO during the summer is nuts but I’m managing better and we’re back!

<blockquote>UPCOMING EVENTS:</blockquote>
<strong>July 19:</strong> Toronto Urban Collective
99 Sudbury St. Toronto, Glass Factory
Price: $5 advance/$7 door
<a href=”https://www.ticketfi.com/event/348/toronto-urban-collectives-pop-up-market” target=”_blank”>https://www.ticketfi.com/event/348/toronto-urban-collectives-pop-up-market</a>

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<strong>July 25:</strong> Unity Festival

Young &amp; Dundas Square
Price: FREE

<strong>August 22: </strong>Sole Exchange Canada

Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Level 100, North building)
$20 advanced tickets



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