In light of recent events we have taken a moment to recognize and reflect upon what’s going on in the United States of America and Globally. And now we must respectfully react in kind.

Unity, Positivity, Safety, Opportunity; these are things that should be accessible to every individual equally – no matter their race, gender or beliefs. 

In 2020 in Canada and all over the world for Black people and many others, this is not a reality.  

A revolution is a single rotation, ONE TURN! We will not be silent, we will not be still. For us this is not the time to revolt, it’s time to revolve. It’s time to reflect and re-evaluate the world around us. It’s time for radical and immediate change. 

The time is now. It’s time to take our turn to stand up for what we believe in. We must stand up to the injustice that happens daily in our lives. Systemic oppression is a threat to all of us and to the very essence of that which makes us human. 

As people we MUST accept this challenge until there is equal opportunity and accountability for every man, woman, and child regardless of their ethnicity, gender, religion, or position. Locally, nationally and globally our duty as good human beings is not done. 

At Uplifted Society we have always given back to the community. Our driving force has been as our name suggests – uplifting society. We do that with fashion, art, music creativity and positive energy. 

Please join us in unity and support of Black People everywhere and our continued and eternal commitment the the uplifting of society as a whole.

Thank you.