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Inspiree by Deadprez and The Book of Change.

Enamel Pin included*

New collaboration with Toronto’s smallest brewery. A portion of the proceeds will go to Black Women In Motion. Lay Low is a Brewery that has adapted to black culture and was forced to close down their restaurant area due to covid 19. They have started putting out amazing collections that outline black culture through fashion.

1144 College St, West Toronto, Ontario

The I Ching or Yi Jing translated as Book of Changes. It is an ancient Chinese divination text. The I Ching is an influential text read throughout the world, providing inspiration to the worlds of religion, philosophy, literature, and art.

The interpretation of the readings found in the I Ching is a matter of centuries’ debate, and many commentators have used the book symbolically, often to provide guidance for moral decision making.

The I-Ching (The Book of Changes)  is an ancient divination text going back to 1000 BC. It is  a book of various symbols that have rich meaning and various interpretations. The Dead Prez logo is of  hexagram, shi, meaning “Leader” or “the army”. Each hexagram is composed of “inner” and “outer” trigrams. The inner trigram represents water and the outer represents earth.

The relationship with the music, the seasons that we live in. everything is all changing. The change is we were focused on when choosing these 5 hexagrams were in the spirit of changing the world
For the better of the human race.

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