Live Your Dreams Awake ft. Justin Alliman

People say you naturally gravitate towards like-minded people; that you are a product of you environment. While most try to surround themselves with “money hungry” individuals, I keep myself surrounded by “hustle hungry” ones. I love seeing the heart when they have a goal. The blood, sweat and tears. Seeing them focus on what they need to do next instead of tripping over how long it took them to get to where they are now.

There is no better way to start my series of inspirational interviews other than with Mississauga’s very own, Justin Alliman. This 26 year old, Business Administration graduate knows the grind it takes to build your own dream from scratch. He realized quickly that making money for a CEO that will never care to learn his first name just isn’t worth it.
<blockquote><em>”I always believed that I wasn’t gonna be working for anyone but myself it’s been a long time dream of mine to do what I’m doing now so it wasn’t just an overnight project.”</em></blockquote>
Alliman is the founder of a Mississauga based basketball training facility called <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Dream Chaserzzz</a> and does player development for NBL’s Mississauga Power. Alongside his friend David Tyndale from another NBL team, Brampton A’s, the two quickly put together their eagerness to succeed and built a dream. In January 2013, Dream Chaserzzz officially became a reality (happy one year!). These two train with amateur athletes all the way up to professionals with ages ranging from as young as 4 years old to 40. It’s safe to say they’re on a city takeover and have a large bracket under their wing. He has a few guys that have gone off to school after Dream Chaserzzz including Brendon Chevannes who Justin says is a very underrated point guard. He is currently in Philadelphia playing prep.

Other than the obvious daily gym sessions, Justin loves to read books that inspire him to become the greatest he can be. He takes their tips and tricks and aspires to be successful. He also is very family oriented and keeps a tight knit with them.

When you ask anyone why they want to be successful, chances are if it’s for themselves and for their own satisfaction, they won’t make it as far. But just like Uplifted Society, Justin Alliman is driven by the results he sees in others. It’s not for the financial outcome, it’s the passion that fuels him. He enjoys the company of kids and he enjoys playing basketball so why not put the two together? Makes the most sense right?
<blockquote><em>”I wanna be able to help them</em> [athletes]<em> get there, I wanna be able to help them live their dream.”</em></blockquote>
Justin’s cousin <a href=””>Chris Stylez</a> is a musician that inspires him the most. From a very young age, he was introduced to the grind mentality, to defy the odds of working a 9-5. He learned to leap for his dream and to stop second guessing his potential. That it’s okay to go out of your comfort zone if that’s what it takes to get what you want.

A lot has already been accomplished but Justin is only getting warmed up. He wants to network over the west and east coast of Canada. He has already tip-toed his Jordans in the United States doing basketball clinics down there but he wants to build his foundation in Canada wider than just Ontario.
<blockquote><i>”I believe the grind is detrimental to the success. Without the grind how can you truly appreciate it.” </i></blockquote>
It goes without saying that Justin Alliman has the same mind state as our team here at Uplifted Society– hustle. I asked him what Uplifted Society meant to him. He said the same, it means hustle. It means persistence. He’s been with us from day 1, literally. I met him at our first photoshoot when we were still building from ground up taking shots in Kedre’s basement (points for an accidental pun!). Compared to Justin, I’m a day 2! Sigh. He’s been watching from Armed with a Rep days to now. He follows what UPSO is doing and respects how much we’ve accomplished thus far.
<blockquote><em>”…from working with kids and donating the time and efforts in the community is something that one cannot put a price tag on”.</em></blockquote>
Justin is a very respected individual. I for one have been watching him from the day we met (creepy) but seriously, with social media these days it’s really easy to watch people progress. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you definitely need to check out him and his team of Dream Chaserzzz, maybe jump into one of his training sessions. I really need to stop flopping on those invites. In reality I just don’t want an 11 year old to cross me!

Make sure you check him out:

Instagram:<a href=””> @dream.chaserzzz</a>
Facebook: <a href=””></a>
Wesbite: <a href=””></a>



– Jamie-Rose

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