Instagram is the new MSN

It’s ridiculous how much your social standing matters in the early years of your life or at least how much it<em> seems </em>to matter. A lot of you have most likely rode this social media bandwagon with us over the course of the last 10 years, so maintaining the best rating on your Vibe.TO and making sure you were in your friend’s top 8 on MySpace is nothing new to you. Now it’s about having the most followers on Instagram and how many likes you can accumulate in the span of 12 hours because you’re 9/10 going to delete the picture anyway.

Your online profile is basically who you are to the naked eye; whoever you want to be, even if it isn’t really you **cough** catfish **cough**. I like to tell myself I’m quite adequate in the app world (even if I only learned how to double filter on Snapchat last night) so I can tell who has solely dedicated their lives to making sure they present them self to be super duper cool online and who really doesn’t care.

Uplifted Society Inc. has a fair amount of younger followers who are in the prime of all this. It affects them personally when likes don’t happen as fast as they expected or if he, she or they didn’t care to double tap. I mean… who wouldn’t be upset after using up 20 minutes and 5 apps to post a pic just to get scrolled passed? Remember when we were on MSN and we wanted to have as many friends as possible? We collected e-mail addresses like they were Pokemon. It almost hurt when you came back to the computer after dinner and your task bar wasn’t blinking orange. WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! FRIENDS, WHERE YOU AT?! I mean, now we couldn’t care less (I hope). But this blog’s for this kids.

I’m sorry that you all have to grow up in such a polluted world filled with the fictitious idea that the online profile you build for yourself directly depicts who you are as a person when in reality, that is the furthest from the truth. You are constantly being bombarded with advertisements about who you should be and what you should wear and how you should think. It’s nearly impossible to know what is worth taking in and what’s nothing more than muck. Less filters for Instagram and more filters for online BS, please!

This one is for the little girl who doesn’t feel like she will ever be good enough or pretty enough to get all the likes on Instagram. Please stop looking to Instagram because the reality is, it’s. just. Instagram. You are pretty enough. You are strong enough and you are brave enough. You are filled with potential and you will accomplish great things, anything you put your mind to. It’s so cliché but it’s so true. It’s hard, I know. Instagram is like a constant game of who is living the most fab life, boys are publicaly rating girls based on looks and girls are taking selfies on selfies on selfies with the same pout every damn time #samepoutdifferenttshirt. You have to uphold this image of how happy you are and how many friends you have and how much love you have in your life.

Believe me when I say it all passes. I’m still just as into social media platforms as I was when I first logged into MSN and I can confidently say I’ve seen and been through it all, at least the parts where girls are catty and malicious and deceitful and that counts for a lot, I think! It’s time for us adults to wake up. We know the struggle of upholding this image online 24/7. Can we all agree that it’s exhausting? It’s up to us to change that. It’s up to us to open up these innocent eyes and really show them how much social media isn’t worth.

Y’all want 50K on Instagram. My team wants 50K in a duffle bag. Each. Feel me?

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