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I will always admire someone who is talented in so many ways yet remains humble. Our generation is so self absorbed and focused on creating the most impeccable social media presence for themselves that we quickly forget why we do things. Did you feed the homeless to feed the homeless? Or did you feed the homeless so that you can Instagram it, share it on Facebook and maybe make a Youtube vlog? Do you get more satisfaction seeing the homeless being fed or getting praise and 100 linkes on IG? Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing wrong with social media, heck, writing this blog is still apart of my contribution to this fast paced networked world we now live in.

I admire those who do things for the satisfaction of seeing someone else happy. Seeing someone else benefit from your own actions is a gift in itself. The man behind a lot of our Uplifted Society designs is Kedre Browne. He’ll sit meticulously at his desk for hours drawing up whatever he can stir up and it always comes out flawless. The humble bug that he is would never agree (so Kedre, I don’t want to hear it), but truthfully, this guy is the man! I could only imagine sitting on a couch in this guy’s head and watching ideas fly around.

He is a designer, graffiti artist, bboy, and photographer.. pretty sure he is more, 100% he is more. He is UPSO’s co-owner, designer, and hands down, very important to the members of our team. He is a big reason why UPSO is the family it is. Tyrone, Kedre and I almost have this unexplainable bond with each other. We vibe well and their company is always the best. We’re a family that fights and bickers yet will do anything for each other to motivate the next person. Kedre just told me to go into politics for goodness sakes. ME!

Anyone that knows Mr.Browne knows that if he put himself out there more, god damn, he’d be a millionaire. He has so much talent and such a creative mind that he needs to really understand its worth. YOU ARE A GEM, KEDRE BROWNE! The world needs more people like him; genuine and his heart is in the right place. He does things for the right reasons. He works for the smiles he gets in return. Likes and double taps are nothing when it comes to him.

He truly embarks what UPSO is really about. It’s for our community, the people in it, and mostly for the kids. We want to feed the younger generation with the right mindstate and real influencers like Kedre.

Make sure to check him out on IG: <a href=”http://instagram.com/bubzart” target=”_blank”>@bubzart</a>!!
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