What is Uplifted Society?

Uplifted Society Is based upon the belief that we all have the right and a responsibility to do well in life; not just for our selves, but for society as a whole. UPSO started as an independent Toronto-based clothing brand in 2013. Built on little more than positivity and tenacity it has evolved into so much more. The apparel and products that we produce help fund community programming and chartable donations for people that need it the most.

Drawing inspirations from Hip-Hop, Street Culture, Athletics and Design combined with a passion to create apparel, and a calling to Uplift Society, we make “street wear with a difference”. We try to work with people that match our strong ethical values and challenge negative stereotypical practices, We manufacture all Uplifted Society clothing in Canada. As a company we are inspired by Music, Peace and Love. You can learn more of what we are all about and start contributing by just reading our story below.

You Deserve Better!

This phrase is the foundation for Uplifted Society. Born on the streets where hardships, adversity, and the challenges of life can often lead to decisions that are unhealthy, harmful and even dangerous. The environment of the streets can lead to feelings of helplessness, depression and despair. Individuals sometimes feel like outcasts, unwanted and alone in their struggles.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Your past does not have to be what determines you future. You can always choose a different path. You may find this new path is a hard one, but in the end; it is worth it. Many of the members of “Uplifted Society” have walked this path personally. They have overcome personal struggles including but certainly not limited to negativity, hate, anger, fear, and depression. Ultimately we are all presented with choices. They’ve chosen to believe in themselves. To believe in others; surrounding themselves with people who truly believe in them, and turning their backs on negativity and the false messages that can be found in a lot of street culture.

It’s Your Choice!

You too can make the decision to walk away from the negative affiliations and individuals that have led you to the dark places in life. No one can take away your ability to choose! With help, you can pick yourself up, and start on the right path. You can choose today, to create a new ending to your story. By choosing a new way today, you can create a new destiny for yourself.

You’re Never Alone!

Uplifted Society continues to build on its foundation of positivity and tenacity. We are involved in many urban events aimed at reaching out to youth. In order to help them to turn away from negative influences, which are unhealthy. Instead we encourage them with the truth: we can all choose to be the good in society. Our aim is to inspire people to make good choices, be good to themselves and the people around them and to do all that we can to Uplift Society.

This Is Just the beginning,

“We are not better, we are just trying to do better”

Welcome to the Uplifted Society.

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